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You will spend more time in waiting rooms than office visits. Why not review them?
Doctor's Clipboard
Your doctor's to do list. Now organized in one spot. Just remember something? Leave a note before your next appointment.
Operating Room Shield
Announcing the end to anxiety. Now receive regular updates from the operating room directly to your mobile app.
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Receive notifications for upcoming appointments, delays, and changes in delays. Knowledge is power.
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View current and average wait times for providers in your area and across the nation. Participating DocClocker providers can provide real time and accurate updates.
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Urgent and Emergent. ERs, Urgent care, Walk ins . . . we have it all. Right at your fingertips.
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Many of life’s most stressful and frustrating experiences occur in the waiting room.

For Providers

Take Control of Your Waiting Room.

Trying to fit 30 patients in 15 minute time slots? Delivering quality healthcare sometimes takes more than an appointment slot allows. We know that. Patients do too. Take the frustration out of your front office and your patients by letting them know you're running behind.

Front Desk Attendants

Takes The Pressure Off Your Front Desk

Calendar Appointment

Increased New Patient Appointment Bookings

Positive Review

Avoid Negative Reviews & Show Your Patients You Care About Their Time

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Improve Your Online Reputation

Join in on the DocClocker Experience!

DocClocker Operating Room Phone and Tablet App

For Operating Rooms

The Operating Room Your Patients Have Been Waiting For.

Share real time updates with friends and family. Featuring a simple sign up process and secured HIPAA compliant message, photo and video delivery system.

DocClocker Operating Room Tablet AppDocClocker Operating Room Phone App

HIPAA Compliant With Secured 256bit Encryption

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Customizable Messages From The Operating Room

Enhanced Provider Efficiency

Real Time Communication From The OR

Administration Control Dashboard

Boost S-CAHPS Scores

Exceed Communication Expectations